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In my previous article, I've built the best sites where you can earn free Bitcoin and sub-coins through CoinPot and FaucetHub. In this article I will share with you the best sites where you can earn free Bitcoin and sub-coins but only pay for your crypto wallet.

Free Coin Pages

October 30, 2019 & amp; #8211; We have created pages that contain less ads and you can earn 4 dark coins that are easier to use. However, we disabled these pages due to some technical problems. If you would like us to rebuild pages that are easier to use, please let us know by filling out the form below. COIN PAGES FORM

Of course, the oldest and most reliable of these sites is FreeBitcoin. I have turned this site into an android application that you can easily use from your phone. However, Google Play does not take place because it is contrary to Android policies. If you have an Android device you can download it here. Click here to download the Free Bitcoin app.

Free Coin Winning Sites that Pay Your Direct Crypto Wallet

There are plenty of free coin sites on the market. However, most of them either do not pay or the cost of shooting is very high. I personally use all of the companies in this list. I suggest you use the sites in this list if you are going to have time. You don't have trouble paying, and you don't pay high withdrawal fees. Without further ado Best Coin Winners Let's see which ones.

1- Free Bitcoin Free BTC Winning Site

As I mentioned above, it is the oldest and most reliable site. This site is also a site that can be invested and is invested in very serious amounts. You can download this Android APK to use the site as a mobile app. (only for android). The link is a Google Drive link. Download and install the APK and log in to your account. If you don't have an account, you can create a new one.

Click here to become a member.

2- Free DogeCoin Free DOGE Winning Site

This site is a project of the FreeBitcoin site. However, since it cannot get as much investment as bitcoin, it gives a very low figure to DOGECOIN free of charge for its investors. It already states it on the free dogecoin page.

Follow this link to start earning DOGE for free.

3- Free LiteCoin Free LTC Winning Site

This site contains a small amount of ads, but no payment issues. The reference gain is also quite high. Free bitcoin is much less known than your chance of gaining a reference.

Click here to win LTC.

4- Free Ethereum Free ETH Winning Site

The site has been in operation for about 1 year. The new project of the above LTC site. This site also has ads, but no payment issues. Again, 50 percent of the reference income is quite a good figure. And since this site is so new you can find reference very easily.

Click here to become a member of Free Ethereum.

4- Unmined Free BTC Winning Site

This site is actually a cloud mining site but I never introduced it because it didn't trust me. The free version used to give 120 satoshi per hour and now 60 satoshi per hour. For those who want to do cloud mining, the minimum package for automatic collection is 0.009 BTC and per day 0.0000576 BTC wins. So you get your money back in 15 days. I don't trust it because it's a very high gain. The choice is yours.

Click here to win 60 satoshi per hour.

5- Free Mining Free BTC Winning Site

This site has the same interface and logic as the one above. However, the site has not been providing free satoshi for the last few months. You can only win automatic package areas. For the same reason I explained above, I do not recommend you to invest.

If you do not invest in this site gives 120 satoshi per hour.

Below are the sites where you can transfer money to both your own coin purse and your FaucetHub account. If you do not have a FaucetHub account, you must first FaucetHub by clicking on this link Create your profile.

6- All Coins Free Coin Winning Site (All coins)

You can subscribe by clicking this link.

7- Ad BTC Coin Winning Site (All coins)

Click here to become a member.

8- Cointiply Coin Winning Site (All coins)

As a member you can earn free coins per hour.

9- Bit NYX Free BTC Winning Site

Earn 20 to 50 satoshi every half hour.

10- Coin Claim Coin Winning Site

Subscribe to the site with your own tokens. If you have a reference power, you earn $ 50-100 per month.

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