Bitay 1,000 TL Campaign

Bitay Technology, Turkey & #8217; the advanced level of the most advanced trade system for making purchases and sales of digital currency exchange market, offering both web and mobile applications. In addition, it offers the possibility of a digital money payment system in contracted member merchants with inexpensive and instant money transfer based on the financial technology of the future. 5 November 30 November has launched this excellent campaign for those registered between. Details are as follows.

UPDATE 23 DECEMBER 2019: The campaign has been extended to 1 February. The change is as follows; With your invitation link you earn 20 BTY for each registered user. 1000 BTY = 50$.

Terms of Winning Thousand Lira

Bitay brings 20 TL to you and 1000 TL in total for every friend you invite. The campaign is valid between 5-30 November 2019. You will be rewarded for a maximum of 50 invitations in total, and that makes 50 to 1000 TL. Follow the steps below to earn a thousand pounds.

Step 1 Register



On the registration form, type your name as it appears on the ID. Use an active email address and phone number. When you submit the registration form, enter verification codes to your phone and e-mail address and complete the verification.

Step 2 Authentication

As you know, all legal exchanges require identification. In order to process your Bitay account, you will need to confirm your identity. The best part of Bitay is that you don't ask for documents and pictures and your approval is done instantly. This is because the banks just as much as Bitay also formed an official institution that has access to turkiye.gov.t address. To confirm your identity:

  1. Right click
  2. Click Verification Level
  3. Click Identity Confirmation
  4. Enter information (new and old ID options available)
  5. Confirm ID

Step 3 Address Confirmation

The third and final step is to confirm your address. Bitay here does not ask you for documents and pictures and your approval is done instantly. Verification is done instantaneously through e-government. To confirm your address:

  1. Right click
  2. Click Verification Level
  3. Click address confirmation
  4. Log in to e-government. (E-Government Residence and Other Address Document)
  5. I have read the above information and give confirmation Go on Click.
  6. Itself Select
  7. From the Why Document Is Given section Drying Appeal Select.
  8. Company Name section Bitay in summer
  9. queries press button
  10. Seen on the screen Document number(you do not need to print the document, but you can also print and copy it.)
  11. Document number and TC number Bitay page, and press confirm.

Step 4 Invite Friends

Once your account has been approved, you've earned $ 20.



NOTE: If you do not register with the above reference link or another reference link, 20 TL will not be credited to your account.

Now when you come to the control panel, you will see your reference link in the win 1000 TL section at the bottom. You can invite your friends by sharing this link. You will earn 20 TL for each registration, but only for those who have completed the above approval process.

Hurry, the campaign ends on November 30th. You can see in the video that money is transferred to your account after the approval process.

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