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We wanted to re-share the earnings details for the Mizes Cloud Mining Site (Company), which we introduced earlier. In addition, I will share our 52$ investment today (December 21, 2019). As I mentioned in the title, the carpet is the most money-saving cloud mining site / company. It even makes more money than many investment companies. A small suggestion for those who will register without looking at the details; The most profitable digging on the site is done with DOGE and LTC. You can dig these coins when you buy the power of excavation SCRYPT device.

Mizes Cloud Mining Registration Link

About Mizes Company Cloud Mining

The most important factor for us is that the company has been active for 408 days and has been making regular payments. MIZES Company is a Norwegian based mining company. In other words, they do mining with their own devices and a new technology. It has been increasing the number of devices since its establishment and announcing these figures every 10 days.

Mizes Company Significant Developments

Mizes Company Cloud Mining is constantly expanding its mining capacity by acquiring new devices with new users. The 2020 targets are to double the company's current capacity.

The two clouds are preparing to integrate with the mining company Mizes.

Two cloud mining companies based in Canada and Iceland are in partnership with Mizes. The partnership is not yet finalized, but the agreement is expected to be completed by February 2020. Stability, the most important factor in the cloud mining business, is the most important factor in the agreement of these two cloud mining companies with Mizes.

Mizes Company currently has more than 160,000 active investors and has been in cloud mining for more than 400 days. If we look at the investment rates, we can foresee that it will continue for a long time.

Mizes Company Became the Most Preferred Cloud Mining Company of 2019.

According to a survey conducted by the Norwegian Telegraph Bureau in 2019, the most preferred and most recommended mining company was Mizes, taking participants game. According to the survey, interest in cloud mining in 2019 increased by .

400 Daily Mizes Cloud Mining Profit 00 (one thousand two hundred percent)

As of December 15, the company figures are as follows:

  • Total Users:
  • Total Investment: 1,164,338 USD
  • Total Profit: 00

Mizes' market value reaches $ 5,000,000 ($ 5 million)

For 2019, the company's capital reached $ 5,000,000. Since the beginning of the year, the market value of Mizes has increased by .1. According to analytical calculations, Mizes' capital is expected to grow in the first half of 2020. So in the middle of 2020, the capital value of Mizes is expected to be close to $ 6 and a half million dollars. Almost all of the capital mentioned here consists of devices used for cloud mining.

Mizes Cloud Mining Registration Link

Mizes Company Earnings

With Mizes Company, you can profit up to %3 per day based on your investment. The image below shows some investment amounts sample profit calculation.

NOTE: There is no expiration date for the excavation forces received. When all mining companies rent the equipment to you for a certain period of time, MIZES Company sees you as an investment partner, and there is no expiration date for the power of your excavation.

Mizes Company The cloud mining company offers 11 different winnings from 1%1 to %3. These earning rates do not depend on the type of coin you are making, but on your investment rate. In fact the odds are calculated according to the excavation power taken and you can see the details in the picture above. However for easy understanding I created a table in dollars over current prices. The table below shows how much daily profit you can earn for which amount.

What you need to pay attention to here is that you should focus on a single device, as the gain rates depend on the digging power. So if you invest a total of $ 120 for each device in the form of 30 ar dollars, the profit rate for each device is %1.2. However, if you purchase $ 50 digging power for a single device, your profit rate is %1.4.

Between 0 and 9 USD%1.0100 Days
Between 10 and 46 USD%1.283 Days
Between 47 and 246 USD%1.471 Days
Between 247 and 743 USD%1.662 Days
Between 744 and 2496 USD%1.855 Days
Between 2497 and 4996 USD%2.050 Days
Between 4997 and 7466 USD%2.245 days
Between 7467 and 9996 USD%2.441 Days
Between 9997 and 12596 USD%2.638 Days
Between 12597 and 14996 USD%2.835 Days
USD 14997 and Above%333 Days

Since you are at your own risk, you have to choose which amount to invest. All purchases apply to these investment rates. In other words, both your direct investments, the re-investment of the amount you earn from the system and the gains you receive from your references and the powers you buy are included in these rates.

Mizes Company Cloud Mining Excavators

In Mizes, you can dig 12 different coins in total with 4 different devices.

Mizes Company is digging with 4 different devices. Each device has the ability to dig different coins. When you purchase a power for a device, you can dig all the coins that the device can dig at the same time. You can see which device digs which coins by looking at the picture above.

Excavation units and prices of the devices are different. This does not affect your daily profit rate. This is only related to device technology. The lowest purchase rate for almost any device is the same.

Mizes Cloud Mining Registration Link

Mizes Company Affiliate Program

Mizes Company provides the best partnership program not only among Cloud Mining companies, but also among investment sites. All companies give you a share only through the investment of your references; Mizes gives you a share of both your reference investments and reference revenues.

In other words, you will continue to receive indefinitely a share of the investment amount of the users who have registered to the system with your reference and the coin they earn with the power of the excavation they buy. This is a feature that has never been on a cloud mining and investment site, and Mizes has been giving it a hassle-free 400 days.

MIZES Company Cloud Mining has 3 depth reference systems.

  • First Level Reference Income %7
  • Reference Level Revenue %2
  • Third Level Reference Revenue %1

NOTE: You cannot share your reference link on your Facebook wall, Facebook groups and numbers due to complaints. Facebook can also be shared only as a private message.

Mizes Cloud Mining Investment and Payment Evidence

The company gives all new users 3 dollars worth of scraping power. But if you don't invest, you can't withdraw the accumulated coins. If you invest with Payeer, your investment will be transferred to your account instantly. (Log in to your Payeer account on the side tab.)

Mizes Investing and Selecting a Mining Device

In the video below, you can watch 52$ investment for new account opened by my friend. Since there is Payeer integration in the system, we used Payeer. Thanks to integration, your investment is instantly transferred to your account without waiting. If you invest with coins, you need to wait for the transaction confirmation.

Mizes Cloud Mining Registration Link

  2. If you wish to pay with which option, click on that icon and enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  3. Click on the Deposit button. (If you pay with Payeer or Perfect Money, you will be redirected to these sites, if you are paying with coins, you will be shown a payment screen like the picture.
  4. Once your payment is credited to your account, go to the PURCHASE POWER page.
  5. Click on which device you want to buy power for. (I suggest you get SCRYPT.)
  6. Select the type of coin or USD you have uploaded to your account and enter the amount and click the Purchase button.
  7. Go to the MINING page.
  8. Select the device from which you purchased the power and determine the scrap rates. (I recommend you to engrave 0 in a single coin type.)

Mizes Receiving Payment

I have been using the site for almost a year and although I have made very little investment I shot more than 500 USD. I have repeatedly shown proof of payment in previous posts and Youtube videos. The average payment period is 3 hours. In the picture below you can see the latest status of the shooting screen for my account.

Mizes Recommendations / Suggestions

  • As with any site, the investment risk for Mizes is at your own risk.
  • If you have limited investment power, I recommend you to dig a single coin with a single device.
  • I recommend you to dig DOGE in terms of price stability and shooting costs.
  • If possible, I recommend that you buy a stake power of 247 USD to make a %1.6 profit per day, and 47 USD to make a %1.4 profit if your conditions are not suitable.
  • I recommend that you use the reference system effectively, even if you have invested heavily.
  • I strongly recommend that you do not open more than one account and take care to log into only one account from one device.
  • I recommend that you do NOT invest large amounts of $ 10,000 for higher earnings.

All your questions with comments and Contact page. Plenty of gains & #8230;

Mizes Cloud Mining Registration Link

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