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Ready Office and Virtual Office rental Be sure to read this guide before. Ready-made offices have become quite popular in recent years. Well Best Ready Office s Which Virtual Offices? EOfis as we often hear What is virtual office? Ready Office Models. You will find answers to questions such as Ready-to-Rent Office and Virtual Office Solutions in this article.

Ready Office and Virtual Office Solutions – Ready Office What ?

Ready Office Virtual Office or Office; although it is generally intended for beginners who need to have an office with a limited period of time in the city and those who do a job periodically, nowadays it is permanent instead of a rental office. ready office There are many companies of various sizes. Well Ready offices why is it so popular?

Advantages of Ready Office

  • First of all, you can choose an area that is flexible and flexible according to the desired size, so that it is suitable for your job. office for rent you get rid of the hassle of searching.
  • Secondly, you don't have to spend money on fixtures, such as lighting, air conditioning, table chairs and electronics, which are necessary for a new office.
  • In addition to these requirements that every office needs, when you rent a Ready Office, luxury office facilities such as invoice, security, secretariat, fixed telephone, high-speed internet are spread to your feet.
  • Most ready-made office companies offer free tea and coffee water all day.
  • Ready Office Prices is one of the main reasons. Because Ready Office Rental Prices are much more economical than normal offices.

What is Virtual Office? (What is Eofis?)

Unlike the Virtual Office or Eofis Ready Office, it does not give you a space to use, but gives your customers a mailing address and a phone number. In this way, the incoming mail is delivered to you safely and the secters like your employees answer and forward your phone.

Advantages of Virtual Office

  • Overall Virtual Office Prices are very affordable.
  • Use of paid or free meeting rooms depending on your membership.
  • Provides paid or free office use according to your membership,
  • Most Virtual Office Rental Company common working area.
  • It provides call center, virtual exchange and telephone services.
  • They receive all the documents you receive such as official correspondence, faxes and send them to the address you want.
  • They provide you with the legal address you need to provide to establish a company in exchange for the contract.

Ready Office and Virtual Office Prices ?

Ready Office Prices

Turkey Ready Office also deals with $ 1,000 $ 6,000 between. Factors affecting prices; quality of the company, location, services received (virtual switchboard, telephone answering, open space use, options such as meeting room use.

Virtual Office Deals (Eofis Prices)

Turkey also Virtual Office prices vary between $ 200 and $ 1500. Factors affecting prices; quality of the company, location, services received (virtual switchboard, telephone answering, open space use, options such as meeting room use.

Coworking Deals

Turkey also Coworking prices vary between £ 8 and £ 30. Factors affecting prices; usage area and catering restrictions.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms in Turkey prices range from $ 50 to $ 200.Factors affecting prices; meeting room size, electronic equipment support and catering restrictions.

En İyi Hazır Ofis
Best Ready Office

So you decided to rent a ready-made office, what should you pay attention to first? 

When you search the office, virtual office or eofis on the internet, dozens of companies appear; Here, you should pay attention to the reliability of the company and the location of the office just like the hotel reservation. The location is just as important as the reliability of the company because not only is the office close to you, but it is also important that your visitors reach your ready office. Of course there is also infrastructure. The more centralized your office is, the higher the quality of your services such as electricity, telephone and internet. Let's look at a reputable company to do this work now in Turkey.

Best Ready-made Office Firms

En İyi Hazır Ofis Firmaları REGUS
Best Business Offices in REGUS


It is the world's largest supplier of flexible workspaces, including many successful entrepreneurs, individuals and billions of dollars of corporations.

A British entrepreneur, Mark Dixon, on a business trip to Brussels in 1989, noticed the lack of office space available to business people traveling; they had to work in more hotels. Identifies the need for office space with flexible maintenance, maintenance and employees, and established the first business center in Brussels, Belgium

Regus a gigantic company with 3000 business centers in 900 cities in 120 countries around the world. Founded in Brussels, Belgium in 1989 Regus is headquartered in Luxembourg, Luxembourg. It has 8,375 employees, is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a component of the FTSE 250 Index. Regus Saint Heller, Jersey. Regus Group revenue in 2014 was £ 1,676.1 million.

Regus Since 1999 Turkey has both Virtual Office and Serviced Offices - serving in EOfis field.

Provinces Served

  • Adana
  • Ankara
  • Bursa
  • Gaziantep
  • Istanbul
  • Izmir

Featured Services

  • Ready Office Rental
  • Virtual Office Rental
  • Joint Workspace
  • Meeting Room Rentals
  • Daily Membership
  • Membership for Specific Hours
En İyi Hazır Ofis Firmaları Servcorp
Best Serviced Offices in Servcorp


Servcorp was established in 1978 in Sydney, Australia by CEO Alf Moufarrige.

Operating in 23 countries, 54 cities and over 160 locations worldwide the Servcorp some important locations are: Floor 85, New York World Trade Center; in New York; Floor 20, Tokyo Marunouchi Trust Tower; in Tokyo; Floors 18 and 19; Hilton Plaza West Office Tower in Osaka; in Osaka; Floor 30, Leadenhall Building in London; in London; Floor 19, International Finance Center in Hong Kong; in Hong Kong; Level 36 in Abu Dhabi, Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi; and and Floor 39, Marina Bay Financial Center in Singapore. in Singapore.

Provinces Served

  • Istanbul

Featured Services

  • Workspace Solutions
  • Virtual Office Rental
  • Meeting halls
En İyi Hazır Ofis Firmaları Workinton-enjoyurbanstation
Best Business Offices in Workinton-enjoyurbanstation


Urban station Workinton, based in Argentina, is a well-known institution in the world serving the various countries of the world. First in Istanbul Maslak coworking Turkey had also spoken to hold when they open their branches but today we see a lot of that these criticisms were wrong.


Provinces Served

  • Ankara
  • Istanbul
  • Izmir

Featured Services

  • coworking
  • Ready Office Rental
  • Virtual Office Rental
  • Joint Workspace
  • Meeting Room Rentals
  • Daily Membership
  • Membership for Specific Hours
En İyi Hazır Ofis Firmaları spacesworks
Best Ready-Made Office spacesworks


First, let's note the following companies which unfortunately does not have in Turkey. However, if you need temporary work abroad, I strongly recommend you to try it. There are business centers in almost all capitals of the world. We can even say that the most common office solutions company in the world.

Serving some companies in Turkey

  • Collective House
  • Workland
  • plazacubes
  • Cabin
  • eOfis Office Services
  • Levent Office
  • Fors Plus
  • Woop point
  • GMA Business Center
  • swissoffices
  • Galata Business Center
  • Malte Business Center
  • Joker Office
  • Unit090
  • Windowist Tower
  • ofisaplus
  • Contact Aron directly
  • Angora Virtual Office
  • Gökyapı Office
  • Virtual Office and Rental Services
  • maxoffi by
  • Endless Office - Torun Center
  • Micro Office


  • Full-time or part-time room or common working areas.
  • I think the best solution especially for people and teams who do their job over the internet or do not have office customer traffic Virtual office'Dr.
  • It's almost 5 times cheaper than regular office rentals.
  • Apart from the rent, you do not have to pay for additional services such as electric water kitchen telephone internet secretariat security.


  • Ready Office or Virtual Office - E Office Before renting, visit the location you will definitely rent.
  • Just ask for all your rights to use the price of the problem in detail and check whether they are included in the contract. If the contract does not include the relevant rights, request that it be included.
  • Make it clear to your customers that you are using a virtual office or a ready-made office. Otherwise, your client's visit to the office will reveal the truth.
  • Make an appointment in advance for your very important meetings, as meeting rooms are limited.
  • If you are going to be in the office all day long, make a ready office deal instead of Virtual Office Rental.


You can write your comments, suggestions and questions in the comments. If you are a company that offers these services, please send us an e-mail to webmaster (at) eniyihangileri.com or from our contact page you can communicate. After reviewing your company and services, it will be added to the article if found appropriate.

Thank you for reading.

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