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In addition to individual mining investments for bitcoins and sub-coins, company-based mining companies have also grown in recent years. However, many of these sites do not actually do mining and collect investment and close after a while. In this article, I will introduce a Norwegian-based site that has been in operation for a year and pays smoothly.

GÜNCELLEME: 03 KASIM 2019 – Şu ana kadar yaklaşık 350 dolar çekim yaptım. Hiç bir problem yok!

The most important feature of the site is that it is a legal company and is actually doing Cloud Mining. The company information is also available on the site and the company building, which includes the servers used for mining, can be watched live. Now Mizes registration, investing, monetization and withdrawal Let's look at the operations step by step.

Proof of Payment!

Total Investment: 34 $

Total Amount Received: 340 $

3 November 2019 Screenshot (payment screen)

Sign Up

You can register by clicking this link.

mizes registration

Please fill in your username, password and e-mail information as shown in the picture and accept the terms of use. Complete the registration by typing the verification code.

mizes language change

You can change the site language with Flag options in the upper right corner.


You can register by clicking this link.

Click the Balance tab to make an investment. You can invest with 10 different payment methods mentioned here. Depending on the system you're sending payments to, the investment account transition time may vary. You can pay instantly with PAYEER and Perfect Money. The type of coin you invest is not associated with the type of coin you make money with. So you can invest in BTC and earn ETH.

If you pay with a coin such as BTC, you can track the status of your investment from the area shown in the picture.

Earning money

Once your payment has been credited to your account, you can start making money by purchasing scratch power. To do so, go to the Purchasing Power tab. There are 3 different excavation power options. Whichever power you take, you can dig in the coin types in that option.

Excavation Power

You can register by clicking this link.

If you take SHA-256, you can earn BITCOIN, BITCOIN CASH, PEERCOIN and DIGIBYTE.

If you get SCRYPT you can earn LITECOIN, SYSCOIN and DOGECOIN.

If you take ETHASH you can earn ETHEREUM and ETHEREUM CLASSIC.

Choosing a Coin Type to Earn

Click the Mining tab after purchasing power from the excavation. Select the type of coin you want to engrave on your purchased excavation power tab. Here you can dig a single coin or you can dig all the coins included in the package you purchased at the same time. You can engrave to the desired coin type with the help of the ratio bar considering your total excavation power as 100%.


You can withdraw money at the Mizes site without restrictions. Payments are made within 2 hours on average. You may request more than one payment as long as you exceed the lower payment limit during the day.

Coin Exchange Process

If you are digging more than one type of coin or if you have multiple coin balances for different reasons, you can convert them to USD. Please note that with the swap process you can buy only dollars. To exchange, click the Currency tab on the Dence tab and select the coin type you want to trade. Click on the Swap USD button to swap.

Clearing is a very useful system when you buy re-energizing power with the coins you earn.

Withdraw to Your Account

To withdraw funds to your account, click the Subtraction tab on the Balance tab. Select the coin type or USD you want to shoot and enter the amount. Click on the Withdraw button to complete the withdrawal to your account.

Since there are different minimum payment amounts for each coin, you can convert your existing coin to a lower coin and lower it.

Other Paying Mining Sites You Can Invest

Trusted Company Exorion

Exorion is an investment company. In other words, the company invests in various exchanges with the funds it collects and distributes a large part of its profits to its investors. He's been paying regularly for two months. One of the most reliable sites but the investment rates are a bit high. You can invest if your budget is appropriate. Click for registration link.

One Coins Investment Site (New)

This site is based in England and started operations on 29 October 2019. This is the 2nd day of the site and is currently paying. My advice is not to invest too high. Second, invest in Payeer or DOGE. If you have a Payeer account, register with your Payeer number or your DOGE wallet address. You can shoot daily. (Don't invest with other coins!)

On the page that opens, simply paste your DOGE wallet number or your Payeer account ID starting with P and call SUMBIT. After you register, you can invest as much as you want from MAKE DEPOSIT section.

Click here to register

VEKX GLOBAL LLC Investment Company

The site belongs to an American-based company and has been in operation since September. It is an official company, but I do not recommend investing at very high rates. 

Click here to register.

You can't get paid without investing in the site. When you sign up, the bonus scratch power is added to your investment.

A 3-Step Reference system is available, you can follow your reference link and the amounts you earn on the Partners tab.

You can register by clicking this link.

Proof of Payment

You can see the proof of my $ 6 investment and $ 30 payment in my own account in the video below.

$ 30 Investment Proof with $ 6 Investment - Reliable Investment Site #Mizes
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