Creating a Crypto Money Wallet

Today, almost everyone knows what Bitcoins and subcoins are. And a lot of people have a variety of carpet hibernation Crypto Money Wallets. This article has 2 macs, the first purpose is to create the most secure and useful Crypto Money Wallet sites. Secondly, the aim of how we can withdraw the crypto coins that you earn outside the coin exchange to our own bank account in TL and Foreign Exchange. Without further ado and confusion, let's review our options for the best Crypto Wallet.

I will split the sites I propose to create a Crypto Money Wallet into two categories. The first is where you can withdraw money to your bank account and the second is where you can make transactions between wallets.

Payeer (Recommended)

Payeer is a Russian-based company and has been active in online payment for many years. Payeer is a site where you can make trading traders for certain coins and use them like PayPal. In addition to major crypto currencies, you can use currencies such as USD, EURO, RUBLE. It is widely used for online payments and does not charge for these transactions.

Click Here for Payeer Membership

Bitay (Local Advice)

Click here to register Bitay.

For detailed information about Bitay registration can be found here.

Binance (Foreign Advice)

Almost everyone knows that the binance site is a stock exchange with its own crypto money. No doubt, in 2019, it will remain the most reliable crypto currency exchange. Almost all crypto coins are available on the site.

Binance Jersey Click Here to Register

Reference Code: 35077018

Crypto Money Wallet Sites You Can Shoot In Turkish Lira

It is especially important for users who make money with Bitcoin or other crypto currencies over the Internet and telephone rather than trading. Take a look at the sites I recommend below to easily withdraw your small amount of crypto money into your bank account.


Turkish Lira Coin Exchange where you can withdraw money to your bank account You can register for free by clicking here.

KAYINET INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY INC. sites belonging to companies operating in Turkey. Here are the coins you can trade:

Bitcoin, Dash, FuturoCoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold, LEOcoin

the Bitex

Click here to become a member.

Bitexen is a new Native Crypto Exchange established in 2018 as a result of long R & D and infrastructure works. The biggest feature that distinguishes Bitex from other domestic coin exchanges is that it has Token in its own EXEN network. Bitexen Technology Joint Stock Company operates in ITU Technopolis. The crypto coins you can trade in Bitex are as follows:


Spectro Coin

Spectrocoine Subscribe Here.

Spectro Finance Ltd. Although it is a Lithuanian company, it supports Turkish Lira. It's a bit of a combination of the crypto exchange and the bank. The following currencies are:


the Pariba

For many years, serving in the center of Pariba located in istanbul turkey. As of 2019, it contains 7 different coins. You can trade coins:


I Koinè

You can withdraw your bank account by converting your crypto money into Turkish Lira. Crypto coins on the site as of 2019:


BTC Turk

Elliptical Software and Trade Inc. btcturk site is operating in Istanbul. Unlike other Turkish coin sites, you can withdraw money from your btcturk website to your bank account as well as your Papara account. Likewise, you can buy and sell coins from your Papara account by transferring money to your btcturk account. The crypto wallets on the site are as follows:



Another site where you can withdraw money to your bank account in Turkish Lira is KOİNEKS TEKNOLOJİ A.Ş. coinex site. In Koineks you can send and receive money from the bank in addition to the bank account. On this site you can trade the following crypto currencies:

Crypto Money Wallet Sites You Can Swap With Other Crypto Coins

In this section I will share with you the most secure international crypto money exchanges. If you are trading with coins that are not in the Turkish lira withdrawal sites I have shared above, you can withdraw your money to your bank account by transferring to the Turkish coin exchanges with the wallet addresses you will receive from the sites I will share here.


Click here to sign up for free.

Coinbase is a crypto currency exchange with a simple interface that is widely used especially in Europe. Here are the crypto coins you can trade:

BTC - BCH - ETH - ETC - LTC - 0X


Click this link for YoBit membership.

Yobit, the most well-known and most comprehensive site, has been serving with confidence for many years. The site, which hosts all the crypto coins, also gives you free coins every day. Moreover, every hour you can get free coins again. You can get free coins by using the Free Coins link in the menu.


Click for Coinpayments Membership

Although CoinPayments is a newer platform, it allows you to create wallets for almost all crypto coins. It has a secure infrastructure.

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