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Cloud mining has become a popular form of investment again with the valuation of Bitcoin and sub-coins. In the last year, in addition to standard cloud mining, some of these companies have started to make higher profits by investing in crypto money exchanges. In this list, I will share Cloud Mining Sites / Companies, where you can invest, Cloud Mining Sites, which provide profit without investing, and Investment Sites / Companies that provide higher profitability.

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NOTE: This page is updated regularly. You can track new sites and payment status of existing sites here.

Sites / Companies where you can make money by investing

These sites can be considered reliable because they pay regularly and are legal entities. However, it is at your discretion to invest or not. We cannot guarantee for any company. I have personally invested in the following sites and you should decide for your own investment risk! You can write your questions to me as comments or from WS.

1- MİZES Cloud Mining


I've introduced this site twice before. I've been paying regularly for about 1 year. The biggest difference from the others is lower investment rates and lower payout limits. You can even get a few payments on the same day. The site has been in active use for two years. It is a Norwegian-based company and they do cloud mining only in their own companies and with their own devices.

Sample Earnings Rates


Here are a few things to consider after you register. After investing in the type of coin you want, you have 3 different device options when purchasing excavation power. Each device has its own coin types, and you can only dig those coins if you buy the power for which device. Personally SCRYPT I recommend investing in. DOGE and LTC seem a bit more advantageous than others in terms of digging ratio and price stability. You can register by clicking the link below.


2- DUALMINE Cloud Mining

Paying. Earning Rate Mizes Up to Half

I have introduced this site before. DualMine is a company with both cloud mining and its own coin. It is growing and adding new coin Turks to its portfolio. Unlike Mizes, lower payout limits are higher. But no payment problems. You can now dig 9 different types of coins. The site currently has an X5 campaign. So your investment Gives 5 times digging power. In the Purchasing section you can see how much of your investment you will earn daily / monthly / yearly.

Orders If you make a deposit with which type of coin from the section, you will make that type of coin. Your personal advice is to invest in BTC or DOGE and dig these coins. In addition, engrave a single coin rather than engraving multiple genders. For example, make your entire investment as DOGE and dig DOGE Coins. The lower limit of payment is also for DOGE. You earn 6500 doge per month for 30 thousand doge investment.


3- Uniex Cloud Mining

2 Times Payment Received

There's a problem with coin payments. Convert to USD Payer Shoot in USD in your account.

The site has been paying for about 7 months and seems to be no problem for a long time. Initially it gives free engraving power. You can watch the excavation devices live on the site. Although the company is actually digging, I do not recommend making high investments. Investment of more than a thousand dollars is risky.

There are 3 different device options like Mize, but only one of them is active. You can also dig 5 different coins in this option. I recommend you to dig LTC.


4- Bordeaux Holding Investment Site


I have introduced this site before. Detailed information about registration and investment from this article You can reach. This company is a UK based investment and fund management company. Actually, it has been in operation for more than 2 years but started to take investment through the site this year. The company itself does not do cloud mining like the others. Instead, it gains with its portfolio management in various exchanges.

The company currently has over $ 8.8 billion investors. The lowest investment is $ 39, if possible, I suggest you start with $ 300. I explained the reason in the detailed article. After you have invested at least $ 39 in the site, you choose a package based on your investment rate and your earnings are transferred to your account at the end of the package day. Unlike Cloud Mining, the money you invest is still yours.

Sample Account: If you invest $ 300, you will earn $ 4.8 a day. After 59 days, your total balance is $ 583.


5- Exorion Global Investment Site

Still Paying

Exorion Global is a UK based investment company. He has been actively working and paying for about 4 months. Here, logic works like Bordeaux. The lowest investment amount is $ 10 and the lower payment limit is $ 10. Packages of 45, 50, 60 and 75 days are available. You can buy one of these packages according to your investment rate. Your profit is credited to your account on a daily basis, but you can withdraw your payment at the end of the package day.

The minimum investment for the standard package is $ 10 and you earn 7.5 profits every 15 days. In the 45-day package, you make 2.8 profits per day. The lowest investment in the Plus package is $ 100 and every month a 20 percent profit is credited to your account. The choice of package and investment is up to you.


6- VEKX Cloud Mining Site

Some say they can't get a payment

VEKX is a cloud mining company based in America. They do cloud mining with solar energy system on their land. Available in 3 different packages that you can invest. The lowest investment is $ 20.

The minimum investment for the starter package is $ 20 and a daily profit of 1.5 percent. You need to deposit at least 100 dollars for the middle package and the daily profit rate is 2.2 percent. It makes a 3.7 percent profit per day for an investment of $ 700 or more.


Non-Investment Sites

If you follow, there are too many sites opened by claiming that you make money and unfortunately most of them do not pay. That's why I don't give these sites much space to avoid wasting your time.

The following cloud mining sites can be called new. Other than that, I've shared daily coin earning sites on the site before.

Millioner Russian Earnings Site

The site has been online for a while and has been paying for now. Even surprisingly it makes automatic payments. So when you press the capture button, your money Your Payeer Account Transferred. Nevertheless, it should not be invested high. After all, it is not clear how long it will pay. I invested 1000 RUBLE for testing purposes. So far there is no problem, but I do not recommend high investment.

If you don't invest at all, you earn 0.11 RUBLE per day. Additional reference income. 500 RUBLE earns 500 RUB per month on investment. (500 rubles makes about 50 pounds.) Thousand Rubles earns 1200 Rubles per month.


New Sites That Provide Coin Once an Hour

DOGE Coin Cloud Mining Sites

Some of the sites are new, some are old. They all give you free digging power. Those who want to invest in small amounts. Don't invest high!

VOS Doge Mining

DOGENIX Mining Registration

DOGEWAY Mining Registration

Eo Bitcoin Mining

The site has been online since November 2019. We don't know if he paid. It gives new members 100Gs / h excavation power for 2 years.


Smart Mining

The site has been online since 15 December and is now paying for it. I don't recommend you invest. It gives free digging power during registration.

Smart Cloud Mining

Bot Trade Cloud Mining

The site is new. You can dig BTC LTC DOGE and USD. When you sign up, it gives you $ 1 digging power. Those who want to make small investments.

Register Here

Master Coin Cloud Mining

5$ Invested (Don't Invest High)

MasterCoin is a newly opened site (November 19). The site interface is a structure used in previous years. Probably a site founded by the same people. Previous projects had paid 6-8 months. Please note that you are not yet proof of payment. When you register 1000Gs / h scratch power and every hour gift gives power between 1-25 Gs / h. The lowest investment is $ 1. Do not deposit more than 5-10 dollars.


Maronev Cloud Mining

not PAY

This site began operations on November 20. He has made a few payments for now and does not give the confidence to invest even if they claim to have been operating since 2013. 100Gs / h gift to those who register. A company found on the Internet, a small amount of investable. It's up to you to invest or not.

Maronev Register Here

DP Bit Cloud Mining

No Payouts Yet

Opened on December 5th. Much higher digging power than similar sites. I wouldn't recommend you invest. You can try free digging.

Click here to register

Risky Sites

They're Paying For Now, But It's Risky

After registering and digging for free for a while, you can try to invest when you reach the shooting limit. However, when you come to this stage, I suggest you check this article again and see if it pays. Even if these sites pay for a while, they close at some point and you can get profitable. The risk is yours.

Click Here for Mining Cheap Registration

Click for HashBitc Registration

Click for HashRapid Registration

Click for BTC Pool Registration

Click for HashMaker Registration

Click for BitcoHash Registration

Click here to register cryptolx

Click for LiteHash (LTC) Registration

Cubrex Cloud Mining

not PAY

Opened on November 25, the site gives 100Gs / h gift scraping power to those who register. I advise you not to invest.

Click Here to Register Cubrex

Deewe Cloud Mining

not PAY

The site was opened on November 10. It has a template that we are familiar with from previous years. Based on previous systems, such sites pay for a period of 3-4 months. The site gives you free 125Gs / h gift power. Those who want to invest a small amount.


Set Mine Cloud Mining

not PAY

A new cloud mining site where you can make money without investment and investment. You can get a low rate of profit without investing. It gives 100Gs / h for free. Those who want to invest at a low rate.


Mining Center Ltd Multiple Cloud Mining


Mining Center is an official company that started operations at the beginning of November 19. The infrastructure and the way it works are very similar to Mizes. Probably will pay at least 6 months or so. Still, I do not recommend investing at a high rate.

There are 3 different digging devices like Mizes. Each device has its own coins that you can engrave. I suggest you dig the DOGE.

When you register, it gives you the power of excavation for 3 different devices. Don't forget to select coins for 3 different devices.

Click to Register Mining Cnter

These are the sites that make active payments as of 02 January 2020. By following the list you can be notified of new sites. If you have any questions, From WhatsApp Support Group You can write.

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