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In this article I will introduce a news site that has just opened and will save you money. Over the last two years, many online games and sites have been launched that distribute advertising revenue to users. Some of them made long-term earnings, while others closed or did not pay. This site structure is both long-term and seems to provide higher earnings.

NOTE: This is the only site where you can earn advertising revenue. New game sites will open, but will probably close soon. Use this site if you are going to use it.

How to register?

By clicking this link You can reach the home page of the site. As shown in the picture, there is a record link in the top menu. When you reach the registration page, just fill in the required fields. You can activate your account by clicking the confirmation link sent to the email address you specified. If the confirmation email falls into the spam folder, mark it as secure. Because important announcements are made by mail.

User name, e-mail and First Name and Last Name fields are mandatory during registration. You can also add your payment method and account number later. The name and surname information at the registration stage must be the same as the person receiving the payment. If you have entered incorrect information, you can edit your name and payment information from your profile.

Click here to register!

How to Make Money?

The site currently has a single revenue system. This is the distribution of advertising revenue to users. You earn points according to your behavior on the site and these points are converted to money at the end of the month. Program Terms of the site are explained in detail, I recommend that those who will read. The site does not contain information about ad clicks. This is because the click incentive is contrary to the program requirements of advertising companies. However, one day after you register you will receive an email from the site about how to earn points.

How to withdraw money?

You receive money from the site at the end of the following month. The terms of this program are:

  • Points Won: January 01, 2020 & #8211; January 31, 2020
  • Converting Points into TL Currency: 02 February 2020 & #8211; February 5, 2020
  • Notice of Infringement, Fraud and Interruption: 15 February 2020 & #8211; February 20, 2020
  • Payment of Finalized Earnings: February 28, 2020 & #8211; March 2, 2020

Violation, fraud and deduction stated here; your score accruals and your ad click consistency. These violations are deducted if you have not used the 5-step logic above. So take the time to use it properly. Otherwise, you will not be able to earn.

You can withdraw the money you earn on the site in 4 different ways. These are:

  • Papara (Payment limit is 30 TL)
  • Payeer (Payout limit 10 USD)
  • Remittance (Payment limit is 50 TL)
  • Crypto Money (Payment lower limit depends on the coin you choose.)

How to Earn Points

Based on the email from the site, you earn points like this:

  • When you log in to the site
  • When you read the news
  • When you comment
  • When you bring a reference

How and how much points earned in the action of the site is explained in detail. In addition to these points, there is also an extra reward system for each category of points depending on your activity. These points are explained in detail in the Program Terms section under the badge title.

How to use?

The site works with a usage logic that includes all of the above points. According to this logic, you need to use the site by following these 5 easy steps.

  1. site Loginof.
  2. In order Read 3 newswool. (So go to one story and go to the other news after the page is completely loaded. If you open the news on the same name or very fast, the system will mark you as spam.)
  3. Third story Write a commentof. (Comments of at least 50 letters are accepted and copy and paste comments are deleted.)
  4. After posting comments click on an adY.
  5. Approximate ad page Stay 1 minuteand make any click.

NOTE: Once you have done this sorting, at least 2 hours wait. And these 5 steps up to 5 times per day Structure.

Click here to register!

About Site

The site management says that the project will be tested for about 3-4 months and that the developed traitor will be published like that. So with more advanced monetization methods and improved infrastructure, it will probably be released in January.

NOTE: Use the site as much as possible on the computer, the mobile version can sometimes have problems.

NOTE: You can send a message to admins from the administrator profile on the right panel of the site.

NOTE: Because the site is under development, it closes user accounts that violate the rule immediately. My suggestion is to follow the rules with a single account.

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