Monetization with Pivot Application

What is a pivot application The simple answer to the question is a mobile application that saves users money. But the important thing is how and how much Pivot makes money. Too many sites have been built on the internet for the last 10 years. In recent years, people use mobile phones rather than computers because of the money-saving sites left to money-saving applications. I tried to give all the details of the Pivot application, which we can say as one of the new examples of this trend, as much as I can. I hope it will be useful for all readers. Now let's go to the details about installing and using the Pivot application in its simplest form.

How to Install the Pivot Application

From your mobile phone visit this address and follow the instructions below. Make sure to open the connection from your phone or tablet.DOWNLOAD THE PIVOT APPLICATION.

As an alternaive Coin Club App You can also use.

When you click on the link, you will be directed to the App Store for Apple and Google Play for Android. Give the app the necessary permissions and complete the download. The application can sometimes go up and down with an outdated version and in this case update the application, you can not log in without updating. 

What is Pivot Application and How to Use it

Now that we've downloaded the Pivot App, open it as a second step. When you open the application you will probably appear as a guest user. That's why we need to re-verify. When you log in again, your profile has been created. From now on, all you have to do Make money using Pivot Application. Let's see how fast money is made. 

How to Make Money (BTC) with Pivot Application

You can make money in a few different ways from the pivot application. I would like to remind you that you can share from the area marked in the last picture above before looking at the monetization methods from the Pivot app. I'll explain in a moment what you think it will do to share in the pivot. Prior to most money-saving methodsLet's see.

Pivot also the most money-saving method reference. I think the impact of the new implementation is likely to be lower in reference income in the future. But right now, the Pivot app gives you 20,000 (twenty thousand) POWER for every friend you invite. Point system used in Power application.

Second way to make money from a pivot application open up to 40 shares per day. As shown in the pictures below, you can enter any of the shares on the main screen and press the get read power button at the bottom. You gain 100 POWER for each share. That means a maximum of 4,000 (four thousand) powers per day. Here, it turns out how valuable the reference is.

What is Pivot Application-8a [/ caption] 10% commission from your references in 3rd place in monetization methods based on earnings ratio. This commission rate is calculated from the bonus external power your reference earned during the day. So your reference that day to make 10 friends and 100,000 power to make a member does not contribute to you. However, 10% of the post-reading points he / she earns from those 10 references will be reflected to you.

Monetization with Pivot Bonuses

The other bonus, which is the largest amount for the pivot but difficult for the number of opponents, is the daily bonus. Each day a certain number is distributed among the most active users in the application that day. The most active gets the most share. Here, activity refers to sharing that I mentioned at the beginning of the article.

So if you share all day long (40 post reading) outside of your daily tasks and these shares get likes just like other social media platforms, then your popularity increases. Here each means a rating of rating. Here you can share interesting pictures, articles. Try to be as active as possible, but it doesn't matter if you don't like it. If you are accustomed to Twitter from facebook tan, each share will turn into a profit for you.

After the last update, the application alternative monetization method and brought with it another feature. This method is the betting system that we are familiar with from many BitCoin winning sites. The application gives you a free bet every day. These bets are currently price estimates for known and valuable crypto coins like BTC ETH EOS. To put it a bit further, for example, BTC wants you to estimate how much the price will be on November 15, 2018 at 17:00 and offers you four options.

If you understand the graph by working, if you do not understand an option by marking. If you win when the time expires the relevant points will be transferred to your account, if you lose something you do not lose. You can play this betting system with different options for a fee. If you are a lucky person or just like games of chance you can try. Do not play for a fee unless you are familiar with crypto money exchanges. Use your free right every day.

POWER - PVT - What is PVTP and BTC

For those who do not know, I would like to briefly describe these terms used in the application and showing our earnings.

What is Power:

Power means the score used within the system. However, there is no net charge for power. The power value to be distributed on that day is divided by the total power collected on that day and the power value of that day is calculated as PVT.

What is PVT:

PVT is the cryptographic currency of the Pivot Community. Although it is not traded on the stock exchange yet, according to the statement made by the company, it will be launched in the 4th quarter of 2018. In short, PVT is the Crypto Currency that will be launched in November or December.

What is PVTP:

PVTP certainly does not have the same meaning as PVT and they are not equal to each other. It is a Token used in PVTP system and its price is fixed. 10 million PVTP = 1 BTC.  Proportional to be more computable. (Converted to TL based on 11 November 2018 exchange rate.)1,000 PVTP = 3.5 TL. That's all I'll tell you about the Pivot App for now. I will be announcing application related improvements and updates here again. If you do not have a BitCoin Wallet, you will receive your earnings as BTC from this link. You can also open an account in the MARKET. PIVOT APPLICATION CAN DOWNLOAD HERE.

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