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Bordeaux Holding is a UK based investment and fund management company. In 2016, they moved their business models that started in the UK to the world in 2 years and continue to grow rapidly. Since 2017, he has been providing services in areas such as trade and hedging, Asset Finance, Finance and Asset Management. In this article, after an overview of the company, we will explain what is important to us. We will look at how much money we will earn with the investment of Bordeaux site.

I will share official information about the company at the end of the article. The most important part we need to know is that all investments and earnings are legal and recorded. The company serves as a legal business worldwide. You don't have to worry about that. Now let us explain in detail the stages from the registration to the monetization.

Sign Up for Bordeaux

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By clicking the link above, you can access the site home page. As shown in the picture, the Turkish version of the site is available. You can view the site in Turkish by clicking the Turkish flag from the top right panel. Then click on the Register tab and fill out the form.

The login information on the form means user name and should not contain Turkish characters and spaces and uppercase letters. In addition to your username, you can log in to the site using your email address. I recommend that you set a strong password. Optionally, by enabling Google two-factor verification, you may receive a confirmation code each time you log in to the site. This option is not mandatory and you can then update your profile information. I suggest you activate it for your account security. If you don't want to use Google Authenticator, don't check this box.  Accept the privacy requirements, press robot registration and then register. Confirmation mail will be sent to you. That's the registration process. Now you are ready to invest and start making money.

Bordeaux Deposit

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To make money in Bordeaux you need to buy at least one package. In this you must first deposit money into the system. I want to give you some important information before I tell you about the deposit. Currently, the lowest investment amount is 39 USD. If your budget allows, I suggest you pay 300 USD. This is because the profit margin is increasing after $ 300.

The deposit field is shown in the left-hand menu as shown in the figure. replenishment tab. Clicking the button opens a window with your deposit preference and the amount you want to deposit. You can pay with 13 different coins or with Payeer and PerfectMoney. Select the appropriate method for you and enter the amount you wish to deposit. I recommend using Payeer or PerfectMoney if you have one.

The amount you specify here is in dollars. So if you are going to pay as BTC, type 100 and click on the Fill button after your Bitcoin preference, the Bitcoin you need to deposit and the address you will deposit will appear on the next screen. When you pay to this address, the standard amount will be credited to your account after standard approval. The amount shown in item 2 is the transfer price of Bitcoin or your preferred coin.

If you pay with Payeer or PerfectMoney options, after you type your choice and amount, press the Fill button and the pop-up will close and you will see a field like the one shown in the picture. When you click Go to Pay Here, you will be redirected to your Payeer or PerfectMoney account, depending on your preference. If your Payeer or PerfectMoney account has sufficient funds, your payment will be processed instantly. and transferred to your account.

Now that you have money in your account, all you have to do is make money. You need to buy an investment package.

Bordeaux Package and Monetization

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You can make money by buying 39, 49, 59 and 69 day investment packages through Bordeaux site. The main logic is as follows. When you buy an investment package, your investment and the profit of your investment become withdrawable at the end of that day. Or it would be suitable for re-investment.

To purchase a package, you must first click on the Investment Portfolio Purchase section in the left menu. I strongly recommend you to purchase a Long Term portfolio here. Because the profit margin is higher. On the portfolio selection screen you will see that there are 4 different packages. The packages have minimum and maximum investment amounts. In addition, each package has its own investment period. You can invest at least 49 days in a long-term plan. Short-term plans have the lowest 39-day investment.

As you can see in the picture below, when you enter the amount you want to deposit in the package you want to invest and say Activate, your investment period starts at that moment. There is a calculation tool in the description section of each package. Here you can calculate your earnings according to your investment amount.

I made an account for you as an example. The calculation is for the second package (DEFENSIVE) and is a 59-day account.

Investment AmountInvestment TimeExpiry Net Profit
300 USD59 DAYS$ 283

When you make a $ 300 investment and purchase the DEFENSİVE package, you will receive $ 583 in your account after 2 months. It's a pretty high profit. If your conditions allow, renew your investment after two months. Below is a table of which amount yields how much profit. Profit rates are DAILY.

Least InvestmentTimeDaily SnowTotal Profit
Conservative39 $49 Days%1.20%158.8
defensive300 $59 Days%1.60%194.4
BALANCED2000 $69 Days%1.90%231.1 
aggressive10000 $69 Days%2.30%258.7

Bordeaux Withdrawal

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In the investment part, I told you that it would be in your best interest to turn your money inside. However, if you wish to withdraw all or part of your money, first fill in your payment IDs on your profile. Then click on the Withdrawal tab in the Left menu and select the amount and payment method you'd like to withdraw in the pop-up window. You can also send money to other members registered in the system from the transfer tab under the withdrawal tab. For example, if you think that you make good money with this article, you can donate some amount to red555 user kullanıcı

Bordeaux Reference System

As in all investment sites, Bordeaux has a reference system. You can follow the partners event from the section at the bottom of the menu. There is a 3-digit reference system in the form of %8-%2-%1.

Bordeaux Company Information

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Was established on 13 September 2017 in England. The investment amount in 2018 is over 3 billion dollars. In 2019, it launched its digital investment operation. (So this site gives us the opportunity to invest.)

General managerSimon Hawthorne
 Chief executive ChairmanRunice Paul Timothy
Chief Financial OfficerDaniel Lin
AddressMere Park, Dedmere Road, Marlow,
Buckinghamshire England
Telephone+(44) 744 09 61 710

If you want to ask about the site by e-mail or by filling out the contact form can reach me.

I wish you plenty of gains & #8230;

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