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I will share details about Avelon, the new site where you can earn money with and without investment. The site has actually been on the air for about 2 months, and the reason for the late introduction was to make sure it didn't pay. As of today, he made 3 payments within a few hours. Non-invested and invested Money-saving site avelon details about the following.

Avelon to each registered user Gift 100 Gh / s power. In addition, for each user registered with your reference Giving 5 Gh / s. If your references invest in the site It gives you up to 10% digging power.


Avelon Registration

Just fill out the simple registration form. KYC approval or even e-mail approval is not required during registration. Although this situation is unsettling for the investors, the site is paying for the time being.

Those who want to invest in the site and earn more and faster can invest in 5 different types of coins and dollars. You will then choose which coin you want to dig.

Avelon Investing

You can reach the screen you see in the picture by clicking on the menu. First choose which coin to invest. Then, on the left-hand side, type the coin type you want to invest and click Generate purse button to create your own investment address.

In the panel on the right, you will see that your private investment address has been created. You can copy this address and make your investment in the amount you specify.

Avelon Excavation Power Purchasing

When you click the Buy Gh / s page, a screen like the one above will appear. Choose which coin type you have invested in and write your balance in the Amount section. The system will automatically calculate the excavation power.

When you click the Buy button, the amount of excavation power that you specify is immediately added to your account.

In addition to your purchase, you receive 1 bonus ticket for every 100 Gh / s purchase during the campaign. You can get your present by going to Gifts page.

Choosing Koins to be Excavated in Avelon

When you reach the Mining page from the menu, you will see the screen with the 8 options. Here you can dig up to 6 different coins, and you can also dig dollars and direct digging power. My tip is to dig a DOGE coin. The reason is that it is more profitable than the current excavation rates.

Avelon Withdrawal

When you click Withdraw page from the menu, you will reach the withdrawal screen in the picture. Select the type of koin you want to withdraw and type and confirm your amount and koin address.

Shooting takes an average of several hours.

Avelon Proof of Payment

Although I didn't invest, as I can see in the pictures, I requested 3 payments and within 3 hours, 3 payments were credited to my account.


The decision to invest or not is yours. But generally these sites do not last long. pay about 6-8 months and then close. You can make some money in this time if you reference the reference.

If you have to invest, you should invest at a lower rate or invest in more reliable sites that I mentioned below.

Use this application if you have reference power. Detailed article.

Paying Cloud Mining Sites (Companies)

Trusted Company Exorion

Exorion is an investment company. In other words, the company invests in various exchanges with the funds it collects and distributes a large part of its profits to its investors. He's been paying regularly for two months. One of the most reliable sites but the investment rates are a bit high. You can invest if your budget is appropriate. Click for registration link.

Mizes Cloud Mining

An official Cloud Mining company based in Norway. I got paid 8 times. Payments are made within an average of 4-5 hours. It has been in operation for about a year.

You can become a member of Mizes by clicking here

Dual Mine Cloud Mining

Dual Mine is an official Cloud Mining company based in the UK. There are various campaigns for new members.

Subscribe to Dual Mine by clicking here

One Coins Investment Site (New)

This site is based in England and started operations on 29 October 2019. This is the 2nd day of the site and is currently paying. My advice is not to invest too high. Second, invest in Payeer or DOGE. If you have a Payeer account, register with your Payeer number or your DOGE wallet address. You can shoot daily. (Don't invest with other coins!)

On the page that opens, simply paste your DOGE wallet number or your Payeer account ID starting with P and call SUMBIT. After you register, you can invest as much as you want from MAKE DEPOSIT section.

Click here to register

VEKX GLOBAL LLC Investment Company

The site belongs to an American-based company and has been in operation since September. It is an official company, but I do not recommend investing at very high rates. 

Click here to register.

Cloud Mining Sites

From the following sites i received payment but I did not invest. More insecure sites than the sites I've shared above. Those who want to take risks can invest. It is possible to make a low profit without investing.

Hash Leak is a new site yet. Gives you free 150Gs / h and free Gs / h within your references. Try it with no investment or low investment.  Click here to register.

Hash Vision site is also a new site. It gives 150Gs / h without investment. You can invest a small amount if you want. Click here to register

Set Mine a new cloud mining site where you can make money without investment and investment. You can get a low rate of profit without investing. Those who want to invest at a low rate. Click here to become a member

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